My name is Hillary Anne and I am a student at Colorado State University with a passion for food. I began my journey as a vegetarian during my Junior year of High School while I was living in Israel. In Israel, most restaurants kept kosher which meant there was no mixing of meat or dairy and they didn’t serve foods such as pork or shellfish. So, at a dairy meal there was no choice but not having meat and then at meat meals I was so turned off by the meat I just chose veggies instead. Soon my eating choices became a habit and then it became a lifestyle. The healthy eating gave me more energy and gave me more strength to start working out more and creating fun and innovative recipes.

I created this site to share how fun and easy reducing or cutting out the consumption of animal products can be. Eating vegetarian or vegan shouldn’t be boring, each meal is a chance to feed your soul and that’s why you should enjoy doing so!

Eliminating meat can be difficult, especially if you enjoy the taste of it, that’s why I offer meat alternative recipes like seitan. Be patient with your new lifestyle, change can be hard but you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Contact me with any recipe questions or suggestions!