When asking around about where to eat when vegan in Copenhagen, we received a lot of comments about how they don’t really have many vegan restaurants. We shortly realized that they don’t have a lot for the type of lifestyle lived by the people of Copenhagen. Every other corner in Copenhagen had a vegan or vegan friendly restaurant and most restaurants were organic and had fresh vegetables to be prepared if there was nothing else on the menu for us. 

Café Ñ

The first all vegan restaurant we stopped at was Café Ñ. I enjoyed an oat milk latte and Zack and I shared a vegan mouse. We wanted a vegan croissant but they were out of them when we got there around 6 PM. 

Next we tried to go to Green Burger for actual dinner but they were closed for some reason that we couldn’t translate. Then the other vegan restaurants we looked at trying were about to closed or had already closed. We ended up eating at a Mayo and Chips for dinner, not a place you’d expect a vegan to decide on but we were starving and they had falafel (bad falafel). 

The best meal undoubtably in Copenhagen was at the Copenhagen Street Food, Papirøen. 


A vegan Colombian Street Food stand where we enjoyed a juicy pulled seitan sandwich, plantain chips, and a coconut lemonade. The food was extremely flavorful but the sandwich lacked a bit of crunch to it. 


My dad reached out to find us a place he could enjoy as a carnivore and Zack and I could enjoy as a vegan and vegetarian and this was the hotels recommendation. I have had some interesting raw food that was still delicious but Manfreds was sadly not that tasty. We decided to do the set 7 course menu prepared by the chef. The first 4 course were salads. No joke, one salad was just raw cabbage with seaweed sprinkled on top. The food was so unpalatable that even a healthy raw vegan may not even had enjoyed the options given to us. We did see people who were enjoying there food and maybe we just didn’t get the right options but I do not plan on making a trip here on my next visit to Copenhagen. 

Café Phenix

This was a random café we decided to pick on our way to the Carlsberg Brewery. They had a few vegetarian options that could be made vegan. My mom had an eggplant sandwich, Zack enjoyed falafel and Hummus, and I had the Chickpea Burger which happened to just be a giant falafel on a bun. If you are looking for good service and something light, you will not find it here but if you are looking for a bit of greasy food, this was a decently tasty place. 

Formel B

This Michelin Star restaurant will prepare a vegan option as long as you let them know in advance. The restaurant buys there vegetables from the number one vegetable producer in Copenhagen. I was served peas with a creamy potato like sauce which was so incredibly delicious I couldn’t even believe I was just eating a plate of peas. My second course was a bowl of sautéed vegetables with a parsley dressing. The dressing was smooth and flavorful and paired well with the sweet onions. Lastly, for dessert I ordered the rhubarb tart which was fresh rhubarb jam and a bit of crumble. All in all, Formel B was well deserving of their Michelin star. 


As our last morning in Copenhagen, Zack and I walked here to grab pastries right at the 6:30AM opening. We tried almost all her fresh vegan pastries as well as a slice of carrot cake and a vegan focaccia pizza. The pastries were fluffy and delicious. Not even my dad knew they were vegan until we told him!

Copenhagen was a very vegan friendly city but remember to check restaurant closures and be prepared for slow dining experiences. 

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