Beyond Obsessed With The Beyond Burger

Beyond obsessed with the beyond burger I tried at the Boulder Whole Foods

I cannot begin to express the joy this burger has brought into my life. When my boyfriend first read about there being a Beyond Burger Bar popup in Boulder, CO during the summer of 2016, we had to make our way down.

The Beyond Burger is soy free and gluten-free which for many people is a huge relief. The burger is made from pea protein and holds 20 grams of protein per patty. Another sigh of relief is the burger is not another flavorless black bean or potato burger.

I can now go to football games and grill up some burgers that even meat-lovers will fight over. With a nice char from the grill and a good bun, this juicy burger will surely mistaken people for real meat.

The major downsides of the burger, they are only sold in two’s for a cost higher than most veggie burgers, and for some reason I get bad stomach aches from the burgers that I have yet to figure out why. Until I learn I shouldn’t be eating an ingredient in these burgers, I plan to grill these up for all my sports and other various gatherings.

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