How To Be Vegan In Fort Collins, CO

What is a vegan diet? Vegan diets exclude meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy. Seems like a lot to cut out of your diet but it just leaves you with what I call, “the good stuff” such as: fruit, vegetables, soy products, legumes, lentils, nuts, seeds and whole grains. When you cut meat out of a menu you really have to start getting creative with your meals, but that’s the best part of having a vegan diet, using your imagination with your taste buds as your assistant. Sometimes dining out can be a little tricky but luckily for us Colorado State Rams, Fort Collins, CO has an abundance of completely vegan or vegan friendly restaurants.

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The Gold Leaf Collective

120 W Laurel St

A new brick and mortar brought to you by The Silver Seed Food Truck! As the first completely vegan restaurant in Fort Collins, The Gold Leaf  offers healthy and innovative recipes from Paté, Bagels, and Lox to Green Tea ice cream.

Tasty Harmony

130 S Mason St

If I were to judge, Tasty Harmony would be number one on my list of vegetarian restaurants in Fort Collins. Their menu gets more and more creative as you go down the list. A starter of Nachos de Ynez that includes; their homemade cashew cheese, black beans, guacamole, vegan sour cream, and salsa layered on top of a bed of corn chips and then you can add (I truly recommend) the BBQ style jackfruit. Tasty Harmony is a bit pricey which is why I would suggest you split an appetizer or maybe two since their Seitan Hot Wings compliment the Nachos extremely well. Although the restaurant is not completely vegan, everything can be made vegan upon request.

Rainbow Restaurant

212 W Laurel St

For breakfast hop on over and endure a slice of vegan coffee cake and/or a Rainbow favorite, scrambled tofu, seasoned tempeh and vegetables all put together, served with grilled potatoes and toast. If you don’t have time for breakfast, Rainbow offers a variety of vegan lunch choices from soups and salads to sandwiches and pastas.

Dam Good Tacos

120 ½ W Laurel St

$3.50 for a delicious vegan taco such as their Earth, Wind & Fire; consisting of tofu, sweet potato puree, organic kale, slide almonds, and tomato ginger sauce or their Tofu Thai Taco with marinated tofu, coconut peanut sauce, pickled carrot cabbage slaw, and diced cucumbers. If you’re in a spicy mood, enjoy Dam Good’s Spicy Chocolate Horchata made with organic coconut milk, ginger, raw cacoa powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, cayenne, chili, jalapeno, and brown sugar.

Beau Jo’s

205 N College Ave

Sometimes you need a little comfort food and what’s better than some mountain style pizza? Beau Jo’s offers vegan cheese for your dietary needs.

Blind Pig Pub

214 Linden St

With the label of being a “pub,” there aren’t high expectations for vegan food but the Bling Pig goes above and beyond with flavorful options from BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Bahn Mi and Sweet Potato Falafel Tacos. I never leave hungry from this pub and if you happen to be visiting at the right time, you can head up to the Blue Door after for cocktails.

Café de Bangkok

1232 W Elizabeth St

Café de Bangkok is a personal Thai favorite in Fort Collins. As long as you specify no egg and no fish sauce for items you can make many menu items vegan.

Sri Thai

950 S Taft Hill Rd

Sri Thai is the most vegan friendly Thai restaurants in town with a separate vegan menu and vegan friendly suggested items.

Empire Palace

2721 S College Ave

Personally I love Asian cuisine and as long as you request for no fish sauce in any of your dishes, your meal can easily become vegan. At Empire a great start to your meal can be with some Vegetable Spring Rolls or Vegetarian Dumplings. For your main dish I’d suggest the Orange Flavor Bean Curd or Pad Thai without egg.

The Elizabeth Triangle of Falafel


1401 W Elizabeth St

Petra Grill

1335 W Elizabeth St

Yum Yum’s

1300 W Elizabeth St

All three of these restaurants offer the basic falafel, pita, hummus, and fries, but it’s up to you to decide your favorite.

Grocery Stores

Whole Foods

2201 S College Ave

The Fort Collins Food Co-Op

250 E Mountain Ave

Revolution Market

130 W Olive St Unit B

Check out Revolution Market for a place to fill your Kombucha, grab a vegan artisan popsicle, and stock up on your daily groceries.

Contact me with any additional Fort Collins restaurants you want to see on here!


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