How To Be Vegan In Boulder, CO

As a Colorado State Ram, it saddens me to admit that Boulder, Colorado is a magical kingdom for all types of vegans and vegetarians. I started my evening in Boulder contemplating my restaurant options and that’s when I ended up at my first stop, Fresh Thymes.

How to be vegan in boulder, colorado

Fresh Thymes

Although not completely vegan or vegetarian, Fresh Thymes offers and array of conscious food. Fresh Thymes is a 100% gluten-free and peanut free facility and serves non-GMO, organic, and local ingredients. Eating out can be expensive but Fresh Thymes offers a happy hour menu Monday through Saturday from 4 PM to 6 PM allowing me to indulge in their Grilled Tempeh Wings for $5 and their Verde Grilled Pizza for $12.50. The pizza was made on a gluten-free thin crust, topped with house pesto, mushrooms, caramelized onions, fresh arugula, and I subbed goat cheese for cashew cheese. I then washed it all down with a bottle of hibiscus kombucha.

I walked around the hill for a while to burn off a few calories from dinner before moving onto dessert. I do occasionally enjoy dairy but I’m the kind of person who if I buy a pint of ice cream, I’ll eat the whole pint so I try and stick to the dairy free options at the grocery store. Finding vegan ice cream though can be hard unless you like sorbet but even then, it’s not always vegan. When I found out about Fior de Latte, I was over the moon. I took one look at their menu and knew that’s where I was headed for dessert.

Fior de Latte

My mom visited me this February and convinced me to try Golden Milk, a mixture she claims to be the most incredible thing. I was very skeptical and still had yet to try it until I walked into Fior de Latte and saw a Golden Milk Gelato. Of course I couldn’t just pick one vegan gelato option without trying all of the vegan gelato options. I first tried the dark chocolate gelato which was to die for. I then tasted the Golden Milk, charcoal lime, and … I finally decided on two scoops, one scoop dark chocolate and the other scoop golden milk.

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